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First we'd like to thank our Sponsors whole heartedly for the donations they've given us. Without each sponsor our team wouldn't be as strong as it is now.

Furthermore, this page serves as a shoutout for everyone to see your company, what you do,  and also a thanks from our Sunrise community.

If you'd like to become a sponsor, or have any questions. Please be sure to email us .







Brady Industries

Brady Industries is a full line, full service janitorial / sanitation wholesale distribution company featuring Janitorial, Equipment, Warewash, Laundry & Linen, and more. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1947, we have vast industry knowledge and experience. With more than 500,000 square feet in our combined facilities throughout the Western United States, we consistently carry an extensive, up-to-date inventory. Our account executives are professionals who understand your business needs and concerns. We deliver total cost saving solutions not just products.

We are dedicated to finding solutions that are both technically superior and cost effective. We are focused on continuous improvement and believe these guiding values will sustain Brady Industries and our customers’ success now and in the future.




At NVBAA we have been committed to promoting STEM Education in Nevada, and our STEM Education programs are now some of the most successful in America. Our after school clubs and internship programs have produced Regional and National Championships, and we are continuing our efforts to expand our reach across the Great State of Nevada

NVBAA helps conventions , conferences, and expositions that promote the aviation, aerospace, and UAS industry in Nevada. NVBAA is supported the Commercial UAV EXPO and InterDrone this year. We showcased our award-winning STEM Education programs at our booth and our Aviation Post 888 Explorers were on-hand to answer any questions and discuss how our after-school and internship programs have helped them learn about, and choose to pursue careers in aviation, aerospace, and UAS.



GRADDGRADD CO (Global Robot And Drone Deployment) is a FAA Section 333 approved Las Vegas-based Nevada Corporation. GRADD’s mission is to provide its teammates, partners, and clients with the fastest analytics services, using the latest software, – Analist 2017 Cloud – box-analist_2017-eng-miniAutodesk Licensed Software, Pix4Dmapper, and OneRay-RT Real-time animation software.

GRADD provides professional-grade software and analytical tools, and data analysis services for a variety of industries such as; Precision Agriculture, Land Surveying, Infrastructure Inspections and Solar Farm and Wind Farm Inspections, Law Enforcement, and 3D Aerial Mapping and Surveying.


Argosy Foundation

The Argosy Foundation is a private family foundation founded in 1997 by John Abele, co-founder of Boston Scientific. The Abele family members serve as the Board of Trustees; John is the chairman and Jeneye Abele is the President & CEO.

The mission of the Argosy Foundation is to support people and programs that make our society a better place to live. We seek to employ creative and entrepreneurial approaches that help people to help themselves, and become self-sustaining whenever possible. Our intention is to solve systemic problems, build teams and communities, create replicable solutions, and inspire others to contribute in their own ways.



NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is a United States government agency that is responsible for science and technology related to air and space. The Space Age started in 1957 with the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik. NASA was created in 1958.

Space probes study the solar system, and beyond. New developments improve air travel and other aspects of flight. NASA is also beginning a new program to send humans to explore asteroids, Mars and beyond. In addition to those major missions, NASA does many other things. The agency shares what it learns, so that its information can make life better for people all over the world. For example, companies can use NASA discoveries to create new "spinoff" products.


Arcata Associates

Mission Critical Solutions. Arcata Associates Inc. is an engineering services, information technology, program/acquisition services and multimedia company that works with Federal Government agencies and commercial companies.

Arcata's mission is to enable human achievement and customer success by delivering superior management, engineering, operations and maintenance, multimedia and information technology services.


Gene Haas Foundation

Gene Haas Foundation a catalyst to three Advanced Manufacturing Training Centers (with more to follow)

initially formed the foundation to fund the needs of the local community. Haas is the owner Haas Automation, Inc., America's leading builder of CNC machine tools, which was started in 1983.


FIRST Nevada

To inspire young people to become science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

FIRST Nevada is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting FIRST® Robotics programs and STEAM education initiatives in Nevada.

CA Technologies

We create software that helps companies shape the future.

We believe that a single idea can change the world. But great ideas only matter when they become real, ready-to-launch products and services. That’s why our mission is to help our customers eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes.

When our customers win, we win. We’ve been ranked #1 for our achievements in categories such as diversity, ethics, excellence/innovation and health.


Our Sincere Thanks

Again we'd like to thank all our sponsors once more for everything they have done, and everything they have provided us with.  SMHS RoboTech would like to thank you all for everything.